Why We Believe

Springs or Bricks? That is the question.

Springs images-1

Most of the time in the world of church, people want to know what you believe.  That’s a very important question.  But we think that maybe a more important question is, why do you believe that?  Which brings us to bricks and springs.*

So much of the time we tend to think about our primary beliefs as rock solid doctrines, which we use to build strong foundations.  And while a strong foundation is important, sometimes we tend to build more than just foundations with them – we actually build walls that separate and divide us.

But what if we thought about our foundational beliefs more like springs, and that what they are meant to do is actually help us move and jump and live in this life of faith?  Like springs on a trampoline, our beliefs are intended to help us jump and soar in this life with Jesus Christ!

Here at Redding first we think that’s actually what is most important.  We may not always see eye to eye on every issue, but we want to relish in the thrill of jumping together – living and relating with one another in a way that allows our lives of faith to grow and deepen and soar as we learn to Love God, Connect with Others, and Serve the World.


*Hat tip to Rob Bell for originally stirring this idea of bricks and springs in the introduction to his book, Velvet Elvis.