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Walking the Story of the Old Testament

Welcome to the OT! As we begin this summer series on walking through the story of the Old Testament, it seems like a good idea to provide a list of some useful resources for further study. So here you go: The Drama of Scripture: Finding Our Place in the Biblical Story, by Craig G. Bartholomew […]

Why the Suffering?

Why the suffering? By Kim Nemchick This year has been awful for my family.  So bad that lately I joke that we need a warning sign on our front door that says, “ Beware all ye who enter here may be cursed!”  I feel punished, exhausted, bruised and battered.   Like life has served us […]


During Advent we have looked forward to this day. We have waited with anticipation, knowing that hope was to come. We have longed for the coming of the Christ, knowing that He would bring true peace to the world. We have allowed wonder to spark a joy that is much deeper than happiness. And we […]

Advent Week 3 – Wonder

Advent is the first season of the new year for those of us who are followers of Jesus the Christ.  It marks the beginning of another opportunity to allow even the way we order our lives and our time to be oriented around the life of the Godhead.  In the patterns of these seasons we […]