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On The Journey: The Long-Lens View

Here at the beginning of this new year we are focusing as a community on the idea of Journeying with Shalom.  We’ve come through the season of Advent, Searching for Shalom and then celebrating Christ’s arrival to our world as Emmanuel.  Now, since He is God with us, we are contemplating traveling this journey of […]

Redemption – Pastor Lori

Honestly, I don’t totally understand it.  I’ve experienced it, but it’s still difficult to wrap my head  around redemption. When I try to breakdown the story of redemption I end up with a multi-genre epic  that includes economics, horror, history, and poetry. However, one genre that does not fit is fiction. Fiction doesn’t fit because […]

Redemption – Pastor Beau

When I was younger I always wondered what that CRV 2¢ on the bottles of my Jolt or Pepsi meant. I used to think maybe it meant CRaVe, level 2¢… or CaRVe (but that didn’t really make any sense). It wasn’t until quite a few years later I found out that it actually meant California […]

Peace is Conflict – Pastor Kirk

Peace is conflict. War is the absence of conflict. Wait… What? War protects through elimination. It values right over relationship. It stands against rather than with. It is what happens when conflict breaks down. Peace is what happens when those who disagree choose to remain in relationship. In fact, peace risks conflict in order to […]

What Do I Know? – Dan

What do I know?  What can we really know? As for me, I know that I am part of a much bigger story than my life alone. I know that I was made by God, and I know that I am connected to all humans, connected to my community, connected to my family as part […]