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Know – Pastor Stephen

The English language can be very strange at times. Words that sound the same but are spelled differently and yet have various meanings: there, their, they’re. Or the exact same word used in different contexts with very different meanings: I love pizza, I love my children. I was recently talking with a friend about this and the […]

Comfort – Pastor Kiera

Comfort, what does that look like?  It can be a blanket for a toddler, a bandaid and kiss for a child, a hug, chocolate, and some Netflix for a teenager, a cup of coffee and some peace and quiet for an adult.  Many times, no matter the age, it’s a listening, understanding ear, offering no […]

(dis)Comfort – Pastor Kirk

Staring up the path, three more miles to go. After hiking all day a last push remained. Running low on commitment I questioned my choice to spend this winter weekend in the wilderness. Would I make the ridge before dark? I felt discomfort. I ran a quick list of optional activities. Netflix, hot tea by […]

1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers – Best College Pigskin Team Ever

However the night’s marquee matchup is the outlet game of a particular three-game series in Anaheim between the A’s and Angels ET Deliver a fair selection of beers on tap and also bottles. Clearance sales are wholesale mlb jersey held at the stores in your whenever the businesses want to get rid of out its […]