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Know – Pastor Stephen

The English language can be very strange at times. Words that sound the same but are spelled differently and yet have various meanings: there, their, they’re. Or the exact same word used in different contexts with very different meanings: I love pizza, I love my children. I was recently talking with a friend about this and the […]

Comfort – Pastor Kiera

Comfort, what does that look like?  It can be a blanket for a toddler, a bandaid and kiss for a child, a hug, chocolate, and some Netflix for a teenager, a cup of coffee and some peace and quiet for an adult.  Many times, no matter the age, it’s a listening, understanding ear, offering no […]

(dis)Comfort – Pastor Kirk

Staring up the path, three more miles to go. After hiking all day a last push remained. Running low on commitment I questioned my choice to spend this winter weekend in the wilderness. Would I make the ridge before dark? I felt discomfort. I ran a quick list of optional activities. Netflix, hot tea by […]