Office hours are M-Th 9a – 1p to pick up a tag or drop off items

Our Vision:

We are excited about what God is doing in the lives of our children here at Redding First! We know that you, as the parent, have been given a tremendous responsibility in raising your kids. We care about your kids and want to encourage and come alongside you as you teach your children to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. We want to fill kids’ hearts with God’s Word so that they are prepared to share the gospel with others.

Our desire is to be:

  • Child Centered – Everything we do is intentionally designed to allow kids to be kids so they will love learning about God and grow in their faith.
  • Relationally Focused – We want to connect kids with loving adults who know and love Jesus, because we understand that a love for God is taught more effectively through demonstration and relationship.
  • Family Supportive – We are dedicated to supporting families as they lay a spiritual foundation, that in God’s timing, will lead a child into relationship with God through Jesus Christ.