Comfort – Pastor Kiera

Comfort, what does that look like?  It can be a blanket for a toddler, a bandaid and kiss for a child, a hug, chocolate, and some Netflix for a teenager, a cup of coffee and some peace and quiet for an adult.  Many times, no matter the age, it’s a listening, understanding ear, offering no words of advice, no one fixing anything, just someone listening. 
Tragically, a friend of mine lost her husband this past week and during the days that followed, friends and relatives posted words that they hoped would bring comfort to her on Facebook.  How do you even begin to have words for someone who just lost the love of her life, the father to her daughters?  Very graciously, she has thanked everyone for their words, and said over and over again, that the prayers everyone has posted and are praying are bringing her comfort.  In her numbness, her pain, her tragedy, she is finding comfort from The Comforter.
Our greatest comfort doesn’t come in the form of a blanket, a bandaid, a Netflix show, food or drink.  Our greatest comfort is found in God.  When we just need that listening ear, someone to know our pain, God is the One to seek.
“’Comfort, comfort my people,’ says your God.”  Isaiah 40:1
~ Pastor Kiera