Odyssey; the journey begins – Early Childhood

Birth – Kindergarten

Here at Redding First we embrace the concept that we are all on journey with ss pic1newGod and we fully believe that journey begins early. The term odyssey sets in our minds a great adventure, a journey that is long lasting, and that is how we envision the children that walk through our doors and into our classrooms and hearts. These children are at the very beginning of their greatest adventure, this holy journey with God, their Odyssey is just beginning.

ss pic2newWith that in mind we strive to guide their journey through a Christ-focused curriculum that uses hands-on learning in a preschool type setting. We understand that preschool age kids need lots of activities to help their minds grow. We take pleasure in introducing our children to much loved Bible stories through fun, interactive ways. We believe that this will help them hide the Truth of God’s love in their hearts as they start this amazing odyssey.

photos by Betsey Walton www.bwaltonphotography.com