On The Journey: The Long-Lens View

WC 16-01-03 .001Here at the beginning of this new year we are focusing as a community on the idea of Journeying with Shalom.  We’ve come through the season of Advent, Searching for Shalom and then celebrating Christ’s arrival to our world as Emmanuel.  Now, since He is God with us, we are contemplating traveling this journey of life with Him.  We’ve taken some time to get our bearings and thought about gearing up for the new year.


As we continue to move further into this new year and these ideas of traveling the journey, several things have reminded me of how helpful it is to view this journey through a long-lens:


  • I read a blog post here about keeping a marathon perspective on the new year;
  • My gym is encouraging people to not just make resolutions, but create lifestyle changes;
  • I had a conversation with a friend that centered around using small steps to eventually take much bigger steps;
  • And I read through the life story of a person at the end of their earthly life.


All of these interactions reminded me of something I learned early in ministry that has served me well over the years.  “Never overestimate what you can accomplish in a year, but never underestimate what you can accomplish in 10!”  That certainly puts New Year’s resolutions into a long-lens view!  Who ever heard of anyone making a resolution that would be accomplished in 10 years?!  But when we take that view on this journey of life, it provides us with a great perspective that I believe can really help us move forward with confidence.


Enjoy the long-lens journey!

Kirk Wayman
Kirk Wayman

Love it Steve. Brilliant perspective. 

So much of personal transformation is connected to the practice of continual improvement, small steps in a consistent direction. At times it still feels like we live in a break/fix culture that is more interested in sudden transformation (crisis driven).

Makes me wonder what I will have achieved in one year if I make a 10 year plan?