Redemption – Pastor Lori

Honestly, I don’t totally understand it.  I’ve experienced it, but it’s still difficult to wrap my head 
around redemption. When I try to breakdown the story of redemption I end up with a multi-genre epic 
that includes economics, horror, history, and poetry. However, one genre that does not fit is fiction. Fiction doesn’t fit because it’s a true story. 
God has a radical view of economics. Everything God values is free (maybe priceless is a better word). His love and grace don’t carry price tags. It is actually sin that costs. The sticker price on sin exceeds monetary definition, and it costs us by corrupting relationships with ourselves, others, and God. 
That’s expensive.
So, this is the part of the story where history and horror merge. Jesus, the son of God, was born here, grew up, and was unjustly murdered. His death was completely unfair, but it was not an accident.
And here is the part where I’m undone. The truth is Jesus’ death was so valuable that God considered it enough to not just salvage relationships, but redeem them…make them whole.
There’s a poetic nature to redemption. Which means we don’t have to totally understand it… but what if we began to anticipate the wholeness of redemption during Advent, then let it bleed over into Easter? You see, even death was redeemed when Jesus’ death was interrupted with Life. It is mysterious but beautifully tangible, the essence of redemption is wholeness. Shalom.
~ Pastor Lori