Redemption – Pastor Beau

When I was younger I always wondered what that CRV 2¢ on the bottles of my Jolt or Pepsi meant. I used to think maybe it meant CRaVe, level 2¢… or CaRVe (but that didn’t really make any sense). It wasn’t until quite a few years later I found out that it actually meant California Redemption Value…much less exciting than CRaVe, level 2¢, but definitely more intelligent sounding (not to mention actually making sense). The idea that empty bottles and cans actually had monetary value intrigued me. I mean it’s like free money just lying there! So for one solid week in 1986 I scoured my neighborhood, biking here and there, fine tuning my eyes to spot those elusive empty bottles…keen on collecting enough bottles and cans to make enough money to buy something the next time my parents went into town. I got really good at spotting those bottles and cans, and I ended up getting a lot of them. But I was sorely disappointed when I took them to the recycling place in town and ended up with a whopping $2.32.
All that work, all that effort, and what did I have to show for it? Not much.
Now that I’m older two things come to mind:
  1. What a funny, kooky kid I was.
  2. How much more meaningful the word redemption is to me now.
As we enter into this third week of Advent, drawing ever closer to Christ’s birth, I can’t help but think that the reason for his incarnation was for our redemption. God saw in us, fully broken and empty people, enough value to humble himself and become one of us so that he could eventually redeem us. Not by collecting all of mankind with the hopes of cashing in, but by dying for all of mankind that we may live.
~ Pastor Beau