The Quest

Every quest has to begin somewhere…

Our journey with Jesus is no exception.

Come on the journey with us as we discover together God’s ongoing story and how we fit in!

We believe beginning to understand God’s story is key to understanding how we fit in His story.

Redding First’s elementary services are just that – elementary.  So, The Quest begins, well, at the beginning. We focus a lot of our time together learning how the bible works, how to look up verses, the historical and cultural context of the books in the bible, and how to pray for one another.

We believe God created us for relationship.

Because we are created in the image of God we are wired for relationship… first and foremost we desire a relationship with Jesus.  Secondly, we desire relationship with other humans.  At its core, The Quest is built on this concept.  We spend our time together loving God and loving each other, building each other up, learning how to pray for each other, and most importantly discovering who God is and getting to know Him more.

We believe kids are can understand more of the things of God than most give them credit for.

Kids are incredible thinkers and can think deeply on the things of God… some of the most profound theological musings have come out of the mouths of kids.  It is this belief that shapes every single lesson we teach.  We don’t just end the story of Noah at the rainbow… we ask what can we learn from this story and how can we apply it to us today?  Kids get it… many times more than we adults do.

We believe asking questions is OK and vital for spiritual growth.

Let’s face it, kids have questions (and so do adults), and it’s through questions that we learn to make someone else’s ideas our own.  The Quest is a safe place for any question about God to be asked.  And we will always answer honestly.  If we don’t know, we’ll say we don’t know.  We adults are on journey with Jesus as well, and it’s important for kids to see that we don’t have all the answers.  But we will always look to the bible for our answer together…and admit sometimes an adequate answer to a question just isn’t possible.

Ultimately, The Quest is a community of kids and adults who are learning love God and love each other as we journey together.

Why not come on this wonderful journey with us?