What Do I Know? – Dan

What do I know?  What can we really know? As for me, I know that I am part of a much bigger story than my life alone. I know that I was made by God, and I know that I am connected to all humans, connected to my community, connected to my family as part of God’s unfolding will.  I know that I am imperfect, but I know that God loves me and has redeemed me. I know that every year we celebrate Advent and Christmas because God made our minds with the need to remember, to prepare, and to celebrate.

I know that the message of this season is not that we Christians have it figured out more than other people, but rather that we have the privilege of worshipping our Lord, remembering His story, and sharing His love. My prayer is that I, and you, and the people in our circles will know the love and peace of Christ. May we know what it is to live shamelessly, and to extend grace in every direction.

~ Dan